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John H. Best Best Display Systems
Full Size 6x9 Area Rug Displays

Stationary Arm for 6x9 FM Series Displays
Each leg assembly accepts one stationary arm. Two stationary arms can be used on one floor mounted display.


  • Additional display capacity - each stationary accepts two rugs back to back
  • When rugs are hung on stationary arms, most of the leg and strut assembly is concealed
Stationary Arm

Freedom 690

The Best Freedom 690 space-saving rug display lets you show up to 40 6x9 rugs in less space than ever before. In addition, it offers these advantages:

  • Freedom to display full size 6x9 rungs under an 8' ceiling
  • Freedom from rug clips and pins (and the damage they can cause)
  • Freedom from ladders and provide eye level arm height for easy assembly, loading and unloading
  • Freedom to place floor mounted units for maximum use of adjacent space
  • Wall mounted units available
  • Dimensions: 74"H x 172"W x 84"D

Full Size 6x9 FM Series Floor Mounted Display
Best FM Series Displays provide versatility for heavier goods. A sturdy, all-steel design bolts together easily. Thirty and forty floor mounted displays are also available and can be quoted upon request.
Model FM 69-10 with 10 R 68 (1") arms and braces
Model FM 69-20 with 20 R 68 (1") arms and braces
MaxRak 25 R69 (1") arms and braces
Unit Height: 9' 10"

Finish Color: Almond
Optional Rug Wings: WW-88 mesh-style for shaped rugs can be mixed or substituted on 10 and 20 arm models, WW-95 on 25 arm model. Priced separately.

Clips: Best #1 (1") on R68/R69 arm
Best #1W on WW-88/WW-95 wing
Sold separately. See Accessories.
30 arm and 40 arm floor mounted displays are also available.

Full Size 6x9 FM Series Floor Mounted Display


Full Size 6x9 MaxRak Floor Mounted Display
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