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Carpet Sample Displays - System 9 Modular Carpet Displays

Over the years, we’ve worked to bring you the finest product display
systems available. As a part of our ongoing process of product development, we’ve created the finest sample display systems and accessories.

System 9 Modular Carpet Displays

Create beautiful displays customized to your requirements with versatile SYSTEM 9 modular components. SYSTEM 9 is a flexible display. Its use is open to your imagination. The key to System 9 is the #900 wall standard. You can plug in the display components you want. Later, when you need to make a change, you simply snap those components out and plug in the components needed to make the required adjustments. the components attach by built-in brackets, no tools required.

The #900 standard is 7 feet tall, with mounting holes for attaching to a wall. It can be attached to most wall types by using appropriate common fasteners.

All components have powder-coated almond finish except where noted.


SYSTEM 9 Patents
4,197,950; 4,256,034; 4,258,790
All Rights Reserved


  1. 900 - Standard
  2. 911 - Header
  3. 972 - Wire Sample Shelf (brown finish)
  4. 974 - Architects Folder Shelf (holds approx. 25 folders)
  5. 979 - Presentation Shelf (brown finish)
  6. 942 - Hanger Rail
  7. 962 - Book Arm
  8. 920 - Arm (holds 20 samples)
  9. 925 - Arm (not shown - holds 25 samples)
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